I. How it all began...

Ever asked yourself: What do you need to build a city...?

I did so on September, 1st, 2008. Spoken truely, I had done so several times before but it wasn't until the date mentioned that I got myself to planning.

I used to play Warhammer Fantasy and Mordheim several years ago and, while I don't have the time to play a lot at the moment, I never really stopped painting miniatures and building tabletop terrain. Inspired by some excellent work on TerraGenesis.co.uk I decided to start building my own Mordheim table. Hence the question:

What do you need to build a city?

For sure, first thing you need is a really crazy person who will dedicate hours and hours of work to terrain making. That was the easiest part: I decided to play this part myself!

Next, you need a suitable building site for your city. I decided on a base made from high density fibre wood (HDF), white foam (Styropor) and blue isolation foam (Styrodur). Beside this, I will need further building material like balsa wood, cardboard, etc.

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