II. Layout (english)

After I made the decision to build a modular game board I had to come up with the layout. I looked through several references I own, including some editions of the Mordheim journal "Town Cryer". In one issue I found a part of the original Mordheim city map and thought to myself: Why not build the whole city?
Okay, I had to admit that maybe I would never complete this venture but here I had my layout!

I found a complete map at the internet, printed it out and devided it into grid squares. I didn't want any of the modules to become larger than one square meter (approx. 40 inches) for practical reasons. Most of the modules however should be 50 x 50 cm. So this is the inital plan:

As you can see, the only "large" parts are those that include the river.

After having completed my layout in a rather easy and quick way, I decided to start off with the "Middle Bridge" square. This will contain the sole option to cross the river and therefore should - on itself - provide a nice terrain for several scenarios.

Read more about the construction of "The Middle Bridge" here.
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